Your health is the sum of the parts of your life.

Improve your health.
Improve your life.

Dianne through her Integrative Health Coaching Practice works with clients to build sustainable habits for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

After raising her children, Dianne returned to college to complete her degree and received a BS in nutrition. While in college, Dianne's interest in health coaching was sparked by her interest in communication classes. This interest led Dianne to the Integrative Medicine Department of the Duke University Health System and its Integrative Health Coach Training Program, which is the best in the nation.

Now in 2015, she is opening her Integrative Health Coaching Practice. This practice includes: Individual Health and Wellness Coaching, Group Health and Wellness Coaching, and Health and Wellness Packages for Corporations.

How Can Health Coaching Help You?

  • • Achieve and maintain optimal health
  • • Replace unhealthy beliefs and habits with healthy ones
  • • Explore self-care techniques and stress management tools
  • • Improve your personal relationships and interpersonal communication
  • • Discover the confidence to create the life you want
  • • Learn to listen to your body and increase feelings of empowerment


Individual Coaching

  • • A higher level, one-on-one, individualized approach
  • • Weekly or biweekly sessions depending on needs of client
  • • Unlimited email support

Group Coaching

  • • Benefit from the support of a group
  • • Weekly group sessions
  • • Unlimited email support

Corporate Coaching

  • • Individual and/or group coaching
  • • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions designed to meet the needs of the client
  • • Unlimited email support

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